How To Get Pre Workout Out Of Your System: Solid Advice

Pre workout supplements are a regular go-to for many because of its impact on fitness. But there could be instances where you want to clear the supplement from your system.

As a certified personal trainer, today I’ll help answer how to get pre workout out of your system. 

In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods to flush your body, and reasons why getting pre workout out of your system might be a good idea. 

Here’s what’s coming up. 

How To Get Pre Workout Out Of Your System
3 Reasons To Clear Pre Workout Out Of Your System
3 Methods To Flush Pre Workout Out Of Your System
Safety Recommendations 
3 FAQs About Flushing Pre Workout 
Bottom Line

How To Get Pre Workout
Out Of Your System

Once you’ve drank pre workout, it will stay in your system for 4-6 hours, but you will feel the effects for 1 to 2 hours depending on the dosage and ingredients. 

Many pre workouts contain the stimulant caffeine, which gets rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Some may feel the effects of caffeine in as soon as 15 minutes. 

There is not much that can be done to detox the body from the effects of pre workout quickly if you feel shaky or jittery. 

However, you can try the following to help counteract the unwanted side effects from pre workout. 

Here’s 4 tips on how to get pre workout out of your system: 

  • drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids.
  • work off the extra energy with exercise.
  • sweat out toxins with the sauna and exercise. 
  • try activated charcoal to trap unwanted chemicals. More on this later.

What’s Pre Workout?   

Pre workouts are specially designed to make your exercise performance soar with higher focus and energy. 

Pre workouts commonly contain caffeine, beta-alanine, BCAAs, nitric oxide precursors, and other proprietary ingredients that are unique to brands. 

Each ingredient has a purpose, and when they are combined together, they make a formula that makes each pre workout have a unique feel. 

For example, some pre workouts give you a pump while others give you insane energy. 

For a more in depth look into pre workout, check out my certified pre workout facts.

3 Reasons To Clear Pre Workout
From Your System

Clearing pre workout from your system may be necessary for some individuals. Pre workouts can have lingering effects hours after your workout. 

There could be possible health risks from caffeine or other ingredients if you have sensitivity. 

Taking too much pre workout can result in: 

  • insomnia
  • jitters
  • fast heart rate
  • anxiousness
  • upset stomach
  • headache
  • nausea

Let’s go deeper into reasons to clear pre workout from your system to shed light on the importance of detoxing if you need to. 

If You Want To Return to Baseline   

Maybe you’ve been using pre workout supplements regularly for a while and want to detox to return to exercising without supplements. 

When your body returns to baseline, you regain sensitivity to your natural performance levels without the influence of stimulants like caffeine.

Flushing pre workout from your system can help to reset your body because the longer you take it you can develop a tolerance to it. 

If you want to return to exercise without relying on pre workout, clearing it from your systems is a good idea. 

If You’re Experiencing
Negative Side Effects  

Some individuals may experience unwanted side effects from pre-workout supplements, like jitters, increased heart rate, stomach discomfort, and insomnia. 

These can be a real bother to some and dangerous to others. 

Working to clear these supplements from your system can help alleviate these symptoms. 

Another benefit is that you can avoid dependency, where you can feel like you’re performing great even without pre workout. 

If You’re Preparing
For Medical Procedures   

Certain medical procedures like surgeries, imaging scans, or diagnostic tests may require you to abstain from pre workout.

Some ingredients in pre workout could possibly interfere with medications, anesthesia, or test results. 

Clearing pre workout from your system beforehand may reduce the risk of complications. 

3 Methods to Flush Pre Workout
Out Of Your System

pre workout out of your system

Want to flush pre workout out of your system for any of the reasons mentioned above? 

To get pre workout out of your system, it takes time and patience for your body to process the ingredients. 

Your body will metabolize and eliminate pre workout ingredients in 4 to 6 hours. But it may take up to 24 for 48 hours to effectively clear the body, even if you don’t feel the effects. 

Patience will be the key as your body naturally removes these substances through urine, sweat, and other elimination pathways.

Try out these methods that may help. 

Drink Non-Caffeinated Fluids,
Especially Water   

Aim to drink plenty of water throughout the day to support your body’s natural detoxification processes. Mayo Clinic recommends 15 glasses a day for men and 11 glasses a day for women.

Electrolyte beverages and herbal teas are also a good option. 

More liquids will promote urine production and help flush pre workout out of your system. Drink enough fluids to maintain clear or light-colored urine. 

Don’t like water? Eat foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and celery, which are rich in water and can help detox. 

Get Physically Active:
Burn Energy & Sweat It Out   

Need to get pre workout out of your system? Start moving! 
Take advantage of the ingredient effects of energy by breaking a sweat. 

Engage in cardio exercises like running, cycling, dancing, or swimming to sweat and help eliminate pre workout out of your system. 

You can also do other moderate intensity exercises to increase circulation and burn energy to wear off the pre workout ingredients. 

Another way to help remove pre workout is by sweating is the sauna. Spend time in the sauna before or after your workout for best results. 

Try Activated Charcoal   

Activated charcoal is made from heating charcoal in gas. 
But how is activated charcoal supposed to help? 

Well, activated charcoal develops lots of small pores that trap chemicals in the spaces. The idea is that taking activated charcoal will trap ingredients and help to get pre workout out of your system. 

Activated charcoal is typically used to treat poisoning. It’s also used for hangovers, upset stomach, and detoxing, like from pre workout. 

Take note that there is no strong scientific evidence to support uses for activated charcoal beside treating poisoning. 

Safety Recommendations 

In a world that runs on caffeine, you could be overdoing it. 

The FDA recommends 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. A 16 oz coffee is around 200mg of caffeine, and a full dose of pre workout is 200 of caffeine.

The ingredients of pre workout are generally safe for most healthy adults, but caffeine can be a cause for problem for everyone.

So, any more caffeine beyond this can pass the healthy recommended limits. If you are sensitive to caffeine, or want to cut back from it, here are recommendations:

Consider your tolerance to caffeine and how much you drink in a day.  

Gradually reduce it rather than stopping abruptly. This approach will minimize withdrawals symptoms for a smoother transition. 

Choose pre workouts that have 200mg of caffeine in a dose. 

If you’re having multiple cups of coffee per day, that can be 100mg or more a cup.

Adding pre workout to that is a lot of caffeine. To mitigate this, choose pre workouts on the lower end on the caffeine spectrum of 200mg per dose or less.

You can opt for caffeine free
options of pre workout. 

This option  can help to break free from reliance on caffeine to workout. With caffeine free options, you’ll also cut out negative symptoms like racing heart and jitters.

For the ultimate customization, you can create your own pre workout and choose the best ingredients for you.

Check your caffeine sensitivity. 

Some may be more sensitive than others and can experience caffeine break outs, and other physical symptoms. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then start with a low dose of 100mg, and gradually increase the dosage.

Other best practice recommendations to get pre workout out of your system are to: 

  • Eat a nutrient dense diet. Foods high in antioxidants like berries, leafy greens, and nuts are awesome at clearing the body of free radicals, repairing cells, and naturally detoxing the body. 
  • Get enough sleep. Make it a priority to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is king when it comes to repairing cells and balancing hormones. Sleep is often the missing ingredient in many individuals’ fitness routines.
  • Talk to a medical professional. If you have underlying health conditions, or are coming across symptoms from pre workout, then it might be time to consult with a healthcare professional. They can give you insight into how your body is handling supplements like pre workout.   

The Body’s Natural
Detox System:
The Liver & Kidneys  

Your body already has a built in filtration system that work over time to rid your body of pre workout.

When you take pre workout, its active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the liver.

The liver filters blood from the digestive tract before it circulates throughout the body. It processes and metabolizes various substances, including medications, alcohol, and toxins, to make them safer for elimination.

The kidneys also also filter waste products and excess substances from the bloodstream.

As blood flows through the kidneys, waste products, excess ions, and water are removed, while essential substances are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.

Filtered waste products, including metabolites from pre workout supplements, are concentrated in the form of urine. 

3 FAQs About Flushing Pre Workout

How long does it take for
pre workout to leave your system?  

Pre workout stays in your system for 4-6 hours, but you may feel the effects for 1-2 hours.  

What happens if I drink
too much pre-workout? 

If you drink too much pre workout you may experience the following negative side effects: 

  • insomnia
  • jitters
  • fast heart rate 
  • anxiousness
  • upset stomach
  • headache
  • nausea
  • increased risk of muscle cramps
  • increased risk of kidney stones  

Are there any long-term
benefits to flushing pre workout? 

There are no documented long-term benefits to flushing pre workout, besides lowering your tolerance to caffeine or other ingredients found in pre workout. 

Bottom Line

Pre workout supplements can provide temporary energy and boost  workout performance.

If you’re dealing with bad reactions and want to flush pre workout out of your system, the methods outlined in this guide can help you reset. 

Remember to drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids, exercise to burn energy and sweat, and try activated charcoal as a last line of strategy. 

Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about detoxing your body from pre workout. Good luck on taking a proactive approach to cleaning out your body! 


Shalom is a content creator, musician, and a teacher at heart. As a certified personal trainer, his goal is to encourage others to lead healthier lives and to get buff in the process!

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