Brooke Pieke, MS

Review Board Member | Nutritionist

Expertise: Nutrition, Weight Management
Education: Drexel University, Dominican University


  • Passionate about disease prevention, holistic health, and wellness
  • Nutrition educator for fitness organizations across the US, including Fitness Formula Clubs.
  • Counseled independent clients in weight loss and management.

“Nutrition is personable and highly individualized. My goal is to combine the fundamentals with the latest research to assist others in reaching their nutrition goals, all while improving overall health and sparking curiosity and conversation along the way.” – Brooke Pieke, MS


Brooke is passionate about disease prevention. This prompted her to think about how illnesses arise, aside from genetics. Through her education and research, she discovered that a majority of illnesses can be linked to diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Brooke believes that research should be used to drive client education, and is heartfelt about using nutrition as a tool for overall health and wellness.

As an undergrad, Brooke studied environmental science and biology. She concentrated her studies in biodiversity and evolution. She continued her education in medical sciences where she learned how nutrition connected to factors like pathophysiology.

To build on these connections, Brooke earned a degree in nutrition sciences. She has been able to use this knowledge to further her mission to educate others towards holistic health and wellness.

Brooke joined with STEM tutoring programs and freelanced materials for Chicagoland fitness clubs while completing her coursework. She continues to educate others in weight management for various fitness clubs and independent clients.


Brooke received a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a minor in biology from Drexel University. She also received her bachelor’s degree in medical science, and a master of science degree in nutrition from Dominican University.

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