Convenient No Equipment Glute Workout With PDF 

Sometimes it can hard to find time to hit the gym. It can be even harder to invest in special workout equipment at home.

That’s where this no equipment glute workout comes in handy. You don’t have to compromise on sculpting those glutes! 

As a certified personal trainer, I’ll introduce a series of targeted exercises for a serious, butt-lifting workout.

Get ready to feel the burn. Here’s what’s coming up. 

Why Do A No Equipment Glute Workout?
The Power Of Strong Glutes
No Equipment Glute Workout
Your Workout PDF
5 FAQs About Glutes 
Bottom Line

Why Do A No Equipment
Glute Workout? 

Doing a no equipment glute workout offers several advantages.  
Here’s some compelling reasons to incorporate this into your fitness routine:

Do It Anywhere & Anytime   

Do it at your home, in a hotel room, at a park, or even in a cubicle at work! A no equipment glute workout allows for consistent training regardless of your location.

There’s no need to worry about the gym opening or closing. You can do this workout at anytime that works with your schedule.

Minimal Space Requirements   

No equipment workouts require minimal space, so it’s great if you don’t have a lot of room in your living area. 

All you need is a mat or comfortable surface to work on and that’s it. 

Cost Effective   

You don’t need to invest in expensive gym equipment to work your glutes effectively. This makes this no equipment glute workout a cost-effective option for those on a budget.


Bodyweight exercises for the glutes can be time efficient, allowing for a quick yet effective workout. This is perfect for individuals with busy schedules who still want to prioritize fitness. 

Versatility in Movements

This no equipment glute workout often involve a variety of bodyweight exercises that engage the glutes from different angles. 

This versatility can lead to a more comprehensive glute workout, hitting every glute muscle effectively. 

Beginner Friendly

Bodyweight exercises can be beginner friendly, which allows individuals of all fitness levels to start. 

No equipment workout are a great option to start because you don’t have to feel intimated by any machines or attachments. 

Functional Fitness

Many no equipment glute exercises mimic everyday movements, and that translates into improved quality of life. 

The Power Of Strong Glutes

Who would’ve thought that the craze around having bigger butt actually has many benefits? 

Sure a bigger behind can have an aesthetic appeal, but the physical benefits outweigh the aesthetic ones. 

Here’s how strong glutes can literally change your quality of life:  

  • Better Posture. Glutes are the foundation of our body. When you have tight, weak glutes it can lead to hunching and slouching among other posture problems. 

    Strong glutes support the spine and and prevent excessive arching because they help with pelvic, hip, and torso movements. 

    Glutes also help to distribute the load from your lower back, which alleviates back pain and good posture. 
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance. Glutes are a mass of muscle that generate power, speed, and agility in movement. 

    Glutes help with athletic movements like heavy lifting, running, sprinting, jumping, leaping, and switching directions on a dime. 

    Strong glutes can do this because they help with explosive forward drive by creating hip extension. 
  • Prevention of Lower Back Pain. Weak and tight glutes do not provide enough support to the lumbar spine.

    But strong glutes act as a preventer to lower back pain. The lower extremities of your hips, knees, and ankles form a closed chain.

    If you have weak glutes, it can lead to instability in your lower back, and this can then eat to hip, knee, or ankle joint issues. 
  • Stability and Balance. Strong glutes play promote stability and balance throughout the body.

    The glute muscles act as stabilizers for the pelvis and hips. This stability maintains balance during everyday activities and exercises. 

    Strong glutes provide a solid foundation and prevent excessive tilting or rotation of the pelvis.
  • Aesthetics. Strong glutes help your backside to look better!

    Well-developed glute muscles give a toned and lifted appearance, shaping the contours of your backside. 

    Strengthening the glutes helps to achieve a visually pleasing and proportionate physique.
  • Metabolism Boost. Strong and developed glutes rev up your metabolism to help you burn more calories over time. 

    Glute exercises in this no equipment glute workout target just more than one muscle.

    Your core, quads, and hamstrings activate as well. This multiple muscle activation makes your body work harder and requires more energy for maintenance. 
  • Functional Movement. Daily activities like standing up, sitting down, and bending over heavily involve the glutes.

    Strong glutes make these movements more efficient and reduce the risk of strain and injury. 

No Equipment Glute Workout

no equipment glute workout

Your Workout PDF 

This workout does not require any equipment. However, if you want to use dumbbells, kettlebells, or bands for added resistance, then feel free. 

It’s suitable for all levels of fitness. 

For beginners, focus on doing the form properly within the 10 rep range. 

For intermediate you can slow down the tempo to movements to get a real strong burn. 

For advanced lifters increase the rep range and take less rest time between sets to really push it. 

Since there are no weights in this workout, you will need to focus on the following: 

Form Is Essential 

  • Pay attention to your form to target the glutes
  • Maintain a neutral spine
  • Keep your head straight
  • Breathe properly 
  • Aim for a full range of motion in each exercise
    to fully activate the glutes.

Engage Your Glutes

  • Concentrate on contracting and engaging your glutes
    during each repetition.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top of movements
    to maximize muscle activation.

Tempo Matters 

  • Control the speed of your movements.
  • Slower tempos can increase time under tension,
    leading to more muscle activation.
  • For example, try 3 seconds down, with a 1 second pause,
    and a 1 second blast up. 

Consistency is Key 

  • Aim for regular glute workouts throughout the week
    and even two a week for max volume. 


  • Aim to increase the intensity of your workouts. 
  • This can involve adding more repetitions, increasing time under tension, or trying more challenging variations of exercises.

Take advantage of this free resource by using the workout to tone up your glutes and work towards the coveted shelf butt!

5 FAQs About Glutes

What Exercise Has The Highest Glute Activation?    

This study tested different loaded glute exercises including squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, step-ups, and lunges. 

It found that the step-up exercise, and all its variations, had the highest levels of glute activation. 

While this no equipment glute workout does not contain the step-up exercise, it does contain other exercises mentioned in the study that have high glute activation. 

How Long Does It Take For Glutes To Grow With Bodyweight?    

Glutes growth will have noticeable changes based on who’s looking. 
You will notice changes the fastest because it’s your body. 

It usually takes about 2 month to notice small changes in yourself. 
Family members and friends will notice changes in you in 4 to 6 months. Everyone else will notice changes in 6 months to a year. 

Bodyweight glute growth takes a longer because you can’t use progressive overload to increase the weight overtime. 

However, it’s not impossible to see growth. You have to train with more repetitions and intensity, and consume enough calories to fuel muscle growth. 

For an intense leg workout with weights, check out this modified Tom Platz Leg Workout.

Can You Grow Glutes Without Weights?   

Yes, you can build a bigger, stronger glutes without using weights. You need a variety of movements and do them at least twice a week fo max volume. 

Because you don’t have weights, slow the tempo down to increase time under tension. Focus on good form and do a higher amount of repetitions and sets. 

Do Glutes Grow With Weight Or Reps?    

Glutes goes with both weight and reps. Heavy weight is a huge plus when training glutes, because they respond well to progressive overload. 

Light weight or bodyweight requires focus on form, slowing down the tempo of reps, and doing high repetitions to have the same effect. 

But the results come form the nutrition side, because you need a good amount of calories form protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to build lean muscle. 

Why Are My Glutes Strong But Not Big?    

Glutes can get really strong with weights, but not grow in size. Diet can be a missing link. The truth is you need to fuel your body with more calories than you burn in order to gain weight. 

If you’re getting stronger with no size gains, then drop the weight and increase the rep range to get more volume out of your training. 

Bottom Line

A great workout doesn’t always demand machines or equipment.

So take advantage of this powerful, no equipment glute workout that requires nothing more than your determination. 

You can sculpt, strengthen, and redefine your glutes, wherever you are on your fitness journey. Cheers to a firmer, fitter you! 

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Shalom is a content creator, musician, and a teacher at heart. As a certified personal trainer, his goal is to encourage others to lead healthier lives and to get buff in the process!

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