Elite Superset Dumbbell Workout With PDF

Get a full body blast with this workout!

This dumbbell workout with PDF will get your heart pumping with supersets, and you’ll feel the burn all over.

As a certified personal trainer, I’ve made this workout just for you.
It’s a 30 to 45 minute workout, with a warm up and set/reps included.

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Here’s what’s coming up.

Equipment Needed For This Workout
Dumbbell Workout
Your Dumbbell Workout With PDF
What’s A Superset?
What Are The Benefits Of Dumbbell Workouts?
5 FAQs About Supersets
Bottom Line

Equipment Needed For This Workout

This workout needs dumbbells of course. If you’re at the gym or a fitness facility, then no problem. 

These facilities usually have a full size run of dumbbells available to use. 

If you have a home gym then you’ll need one dumbbell pair to start. That one pari should be mid weight. Ideally you want to have three pairs of dumbbells. 

  • One light pair for warm ups and for doing 15-20 reps. One pair of medium weight dumbbells for 10-15 reps. One pair of heavy dumbbells for 4 to 8 reps. 

This workout also need a bench. The workout bench will be for chest press, and serve as a seat for box squats. If you’re at a gym or fitness facility, they’ll have some available. 

  • If you have a home gym, then having a bench will be beneficial. But you can work around it. You can do chest press laying on the floor (it becomes a floor press).
  • You can do box squats sitting on a chair, the stairs, or even the couch. 

Dumbbell Workout

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Your Dumbbell Workout With PDF

This dumbbell workout with PDF is designed to be a fast paced and intense. 

You’re getting a full body workout in a super set format that will accelerate your cardio and make your workout efficient. 

You can do this workout up to 2 times per week. It should take about 30-45 minutes. 

Take advantage of this free valuable resource to aid you on your fitness journey. This downloadable dumbbell workout plan PDF is appropriate for all levels of fitness!

What’s A Superset? 

This dumbbell workout with PDF is a super set. But what’s a superset? 

A super set is when you perform two (or more) exercises back-to-back without taking a rest in-between. 

In this dumbbell workout with PDF there is a warm up, followed by 5 exercises back-to-back:

  • dumbbell chest press
  • 2 arm dumbbell row 
  • box squat
  • calf raise
  • curl & press

The idea of super-setting dumbbell chest press and 2 arm dumbbell row is that they are opposing muscle groups. This is the cornerstone of a push pull workout.

Super-setting box squats and calf raise hit a good portion of the lower body, so it makes sense. 

Finally, the curl and press is a super set in itself of bicep curls and shoulder presses. These work great together as a fluid, muscle-building movement. 

These exercises target specific exercises, but altogether they work your entire body. 

The rep range is 10 to 15 reps per exercise. If you’re using heavier weight, you can go down to 8 reps. 

The benefits of super sets include:

1. Efficiency

Performing exercises back-to-back minimizes the rest time between sets. 

It also allows you to hit more muscle groups in a shorter period. This is a huge time saver, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. 

2. Cardiovascular Benefit

Doing exercises in quick succession with no rest can elevate your heart rate. This can be a good thing, because it provides some cardiovascular benefit alongside strength training.

3. Increased Intensity

With minimal rest, your muscles are staying constantly engaged. This racks up the intensity and calories burning power of your working.

This can also lead to more muscle fatigue and strength and endurance gains. 

3. Variety & Challenge

Incorporating supersets into your routine adds variety and challenges your body in new ways, preventing plateauing and keeping your workouts interesting.

Supersets can shock your muscles, preventing them from adapting too quickly to the same routine. This is a perfect way to get jacked arms, like in this 20 minute arm workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Dumbbell Workouts?

dumbbell workout with PDF

Dumbbell workouts are a great option for anyone because of their focus on functional strength. 

They are adaptable to any fitness level and have a ton of options to strengthen and tone your whole body. 

Here’s 4 benefits of this dumbbell workout with PDF: muscle symmetry, work on stabilizer muscles, convenient, and versatile.

Muscle Symmetry 

When you do strength training, pay attention to any imbalances in your arms or legs. 

Usually our dominant arm or leg will be stronger, resulting in a weaker opposite side. 

By using dumbbells, you can address these imbalances by allowing each side to work independently.

You can use slightly different weights or reps for each side, focusing more on the weaker side to gain balance.

Work On Stabilizer Muscles  

Working out on machines have built in stability, which takes away the stabilizer muscles around the exercise. 

But dumbbell workouts requite you to stabilize the weight by yourself!
This engages muscles to keep your body aligned and helps improve coordination.

Dumbbells also allow for movement in multiple planes:

  • sagittal plane (forward and backward) 
  • frontal plane (side-to-side)
  • transverse plane (rotational)


If you’re working out at home, dumbbells are comparatively inexpensive compared to machines. Not to mention they don’t take up as much space. 

You can easily adjust the weight of dumbbells based on your level of strength or how you’re feeling that day. 

If you’re at the gym, you only need a few dumbbells to get a full workout. A light pair for warm ups or high reps, a mid pair for working sets, and a heavy pair for strength lifts. 

They are a convenient way to workout at home or at the gym, especially when it’s a busy time and all the machines are taken. 


With dumbbells, you can do dozens and dozens of exercises that target your entire body. That includes, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, and core.  

You can do compound exercises with dumbbells, like chest press and rows. But dumbbells also allow for isolation exercises, which target specific muscles.

For instance, exercises like concentration curls for biceps or lateral raises for shoulders. 

5 FAQs About Supersets

Is A Superset Good For Muscle Growth?  

Yes, it is. Supersets involve strength training, and all strength training supports muscle growth (hypertrophy).

Supersets can help stimulate muscle growth by:

Increasing Time Under Tension. With minimal rest between exercises, your muscles work continuously, increasing the time they’re under tension. This can contribute to muscle growth. 

Boosting Metabolic Stress. Supersets can create metabolic stress in your muscles, which is associated with muscle growth. This stress signals the body to adapt and grow stronger.

Enhancing Pump and Blood Flow. Alternating exercises swiftly can improve blood flow to the targeted muscles, which might contribute to muscle growth.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Supersets?   

Supersets are not all the rage. There are some disadvantages of supersets. Those include: 

Increased Fatigue. Performing exercises back-to-back can lead to faster fatigue, potentially compromising your form and increasing the risk of injury, especially if you’re not used to high-intensity workouts.

Reduced Strength. Supersets might compromise the amount of weight you can lift compared to doing exercises individually. This can impact your strength gains, especially in compound lifts where heavier weights are crucial.

Limited Focus on Technique. Quickly switching between exercises may limit your focus on proper technique and form, increasing the risk of injury and decreasing the effectiveness of the exercises.

Hard On Joints. The intense nature of supersets can be hard joints if you’re a beginner  because there’s not rest period between exercises. A way to fight this is to slow your pace. 

Is It Ok To Superset Every Workout?  

It’s ok to do supersets as long as you are safe. But they might not be the most effective approach for everyone. 

Some may need to give their muscles enough time recover. But since super sets put stress on your muscles it might not be best for these individuals.

Are Supersets Best For Fat Loss?  

I wouldn’t label supersets “best” for fat loss, however they can be very effective for fat loss. 

Fat loss is achieved through a combination of nutrition, exercise, and calorie deficit. 

Supersets can be effective for weight loss in the following two ways:

Burning Calories. Supersets keep your heart rate up by limited rest between exercises. That way they burn more calories in less time coated to regular strength training.

Increased Metabolic Rate. Because burning calories goes up, your metallic rate also goes up. The means that your body continues to convert food into energy even after you’re done working out. 

Which Is Better Drop Sets or Super Sets?  

Both have different methods, so one may be better than the other for your fitness goals. 

Neither is “better” than the other. Both can be valuable tools in a workout routine.

Drop sets involve doing an exercise for a certain amount of reps, then dropping the weight and continuing the exercise. It exhausts the muscle and get you a nice pump. 

Super sets in this dumbbell workout with PDF involves doing two or more exercises back-to-back with minimal rest. They can target the the same muscle groups or different muscle groups. 

Drop sets are good for muscle growth and endurance while supersets are more time efficient and also support cardiovascular and metabolic improvements.

Bottom Line

Incorporating an elite superset dumbbell workout with PDF into your fitness routine can elevate your strength, endurance, and overall performance. 

This workout routine targets multiple muscle groups at the same time, maximizing your workout efficiency and time. 

Let the power of superset training unlock new levels for you! 

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Shalom is a content creator, musician, and a teacher at heart. As a certified personal trainer, his goal is to encourage others to lead healthier lives and to get buff in the process!

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