Can You Premix Pre Workout? The Simple Breakdown

It feels good to save time, especially when rushing to the gym. 
Little steps like pre mixing your pre workout can be clutch!  

But this decision may raise some questions.  
For instance, can you premix pre workout? 

As a certified personal trainer, I’ll help lay down the ground rules wether it’s ok to do. 

Here’s what’s coming up. 

Can You Premix Pre Workout? 
I Premixed My Pre Workout 
Convenience Of Premixing Pre Workout
Does Pre Workout Go Bad In Water?
How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Water?
Storage Tips For The Premixed Pre Workout 
What Are The Downsides Of Premixing Pre Workout?
5 FAQs About Premixing Pre Workout
Bottom Line 

Can You Premix Pre Workout?

Yes, you can premix pre workout. But it’s essential to consider ingredient stability, proper storage, and strategies for best results.  

  • Pre workout can last up to 24 hours in water. 
  • Drink pre workout within 24 hours, especially if it has creatine. Creatine loses its potency over time. 
  • Properly store your pre workout in the fridge for best results. Cold is better! 
  • Make sure your container has airtight seal to prevent exposure to oxygen. 
  • If your pre workout separates in water, remix it to get the right consistency. 

I Premixed My Pre Workout: Here’s What Happened

So can you premix pre workout or not? You can for sure. 
I tried it out so you can get an honest review.

I mixed pre workout the night before at 11pm and drank it the next day at 5pm (18 hours later).

It looked normal for the most part and passed the smell and taste check. The consistency was the same as if I had just mixed it.

I mixed it again, because the powder separated a little bit from the water. But it mixed well again with no problems.

Check out the before and after photos!

premix pre workout

My pre workout didn’t have creatine, so there was no worries about that losing its potency. I had the same effects from the pre workout during my workout – pump, energy, and focus. 

Based on this little experiment and this brand of pre workout, it’s ok to pre mix pre workout the night before if that works best for you! 

Convenience Of Premixing Pre Workout

Maybe you’re on the fence about if you want to premix pre workout. I mean, does it really make a difference? 

It can 100 percent make a difference, especially if you’re in a time crunch before the gym. 

Like for early morning sessions when you’d rather be out the door as soon as possible. Grab the premixed drink and you’re good to go. 

When you premix pre workout, you can access it without the hassle of measuring or mixing it away from home. 

  • Pre mixing pre workout saves valuable time. It can shave an extra 5-10 minutes off your schedule and streamline your gym process. 
  • Pre mixing pre workout is easy to carry. You can conveniently carry your pre workout in a single container to the gym if you need to. 
  • Pre mixing pre workout reduces clutter. No more carrying around multiple supplement containers in a bulky gym bag. 
  • Pre mixing pre workout helps you stay consistent. Now you can have a perfectly measured drink with no fuss or hurry.

Does Pre Workout Go Bad In Water? 

Pre workout doesn’t go bad in water, but the some ingredients can lose their effectiveness in water. Mainly creatine can lose its effectiveness after 8 hours. 

You’ll know if pre workout goes bad by using your senses. 
When it does, it has a bad look, smell, or taste. 

If it looks moldy, discolored, to just plan weird, then toss it. 
If it has a rancid or odd smell, then don’t drink it. 

Finally, if your pre workout tastes odd for any reason, chances are your pre workout may be expired.

If you happen to make your pre workout in advance, check to see if it’s ok with the senses first. It’s a very logical approach to safely consuming your drink.

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Water?

While there are no studies yet, there is a strong agreement in the fitness community that pre workout lasts up to 24 hours after mixing.  

A lot of that 24 hours depends on the specific ingredients in the pre workout and the way you store it. 

Common ingredients found in pre workout are generally stable in water, and are made to be mixed in it. For a look at common ingredients found in pre workout, check out my pre workout facts.

Two ingredients that could become ineffective in water are caffeine and creatine. Let’s find out if these can hold up in water overnight. 

Caffeine In Water

Caffeine is a main ingredient in pre workouts (unless you go stimulant free). Caffeine stays stable in water up to three days at room temperature. 

Caffeine is even more stable at colder temperatures like in the fridge. It can last up to 3 days in cold water in the fridge. After that, the effects of caffeine start to decrease. 

Refrigerating pre workout in water over night does not change potency of the caffeine.

But refrigerating pre workout can negatively affect the creatine content. 

Creatine In Water

Creatine lasts up to 24 hours in water, but it does lose potency after 8 hours. 

Not all pre workouts have creatine. Check the ingredients in yours to see if this applies to you. Here’s a list of pre workouts that have creatine. 

  • Blackwolf
  • 4 Gauge
  • Gorilla Mode
  • JYM Supplements Pre-JYM
  • Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite
  • MuscleTech Vapor X5
  • Naked Energy
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout
  • RYSE Godzilla

The creatine in pre workout can lose it effectiveness if it’s left in water too long. Research shows that creatine slowly breaks down in liquid. 

According to Muscle and Fitness, creatine retains up to 80% of its effectiveness after 24 hours. That means you’re losing 20% of the creatine power if you pre mix for longer than 24 hours. 

The same research reports that most products hold up to 95% of their effectiveness after 8 hours. 

If you want premix pre workout the night before, drink it before 24 hours. After 24 hours it will be inactive. Creatine becomes inactive because it turns into creatinine in water. 

For the best results drink your creatine pre workouts within 8 hours. 
If that’s not possible, then 24 hours will still be ok. 

Storage Tips For The Premixed Pre Workout

Maintain the freshness and effectiveness of your premixed pre workout with these tips. 

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid your countertops or cupboard if you make your pre workout the night before. Use your fridge. A cool winter garage or porch would work too if you don’t have access to a fridge.
  • Avoid freezing. You want it to be cool, not frozen. Freezing could affect the stability of the pre workout. Plus you’d have to wait for it to thaw. 
  • Use an airtight container. The right container will prevent exposure to moisture or oxygen, and help to avoid spills. 

What Are The Downsides Of Premixing Pre Workout?

While there is convenience to premix pre workout, let’s look at some downsides. 

There is a risk of losing potency. If you refrigerate the pre workout for longer than 24 hours, then some active ingredients, like creatine can degrade. 

There is a risk of losing flavor. For some reason, pre workout that was made the night before may be less flavorful. Mixing with too much water could dilute it. 

There could be clumping and uneven distribution. Premixing your pre workout overnight can result in powder that clumps or settles on the bottom on the container. 

There could be a loss of freshness. Depending on how old your pre workout is, pre mixing it could cause a stale flavor. 

5 FAQs About Premixing Pre Workout

How Long Is Pre Workout Good After Mixing? 

Pre workout is good for up to 24 hours after mixing. Caffeine can last up to 3 days in the fridge, but other ingredients will lose their potency. It’s best to drink it within a day. 

Can You Refrigerate Pre Workout? 

Yes, you can refrigerate pre workout after you’ve mixed it in water. In fact, that will make it last through the night and is the best place to store it. 

Pre workout in its powdered form should not be refrigerated. Instead, it should be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Can You Premix Pre Workout? 

Yes, you can 100% premix pre workout. It’s a convenient way to save time if you have a busy schedule. 

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Water?  

Pre workout without creatine can last up to 24 hours in water when refrigerated. 

Pre workout with creatine lasts up to 24 hours as well, but the creatine loses its potency after 8 hours. It loses even more potency at the 24 hour mark. 

Is It Safe To Premix Pre Pre Workout?

It is safe to premix pre workout. Use your 5 senses and best judgment to determine if the pore workout is not ok. If it looks odd, smells funny, or tastes off, then it might not be ok to drink. 

Bottom Line

We answered the question, can you premix pre workout or not, with a resounding yes. 

With tips on proper storage and knowledge of ingredient stability, you can make the best of pre mixing your pre workout. 

Your pre workout will be at its best by drinking it within 24 hours. 
Hope this helps you on your fitness journey! 


Shalom is a content creator, musician, and a teacher at heart. As a certified personal trainer, his goal is to encourage others to lead healthier lives and to get buff in the process!

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