Best Dumbbell Chest And Shoulder Workout With PDF

The chest and shoulder muscles are a sign of upper body strength and supreme aesthetics. 

With the exercises in this comprehensive guide, you can have the best  dumbbell chest and shoulder workout! 

As a certified personal trainer, I’ll lead you on an exploration of exercises designed for multiple muscle engagement from the comfort of your own home or at the gym. 

Get ready to pump up those pecs and boulder shoulders with this workout. Here’s what’s coming up. 

Equipment For This Workout 
The Best Dumbbell Chest And Shoulder Workout
Your Workout PDF
Breakdown Of The Chest & Shoulders
Why Workout Chest And Shoulder Together? 
Why Training With Dumbbells Works 
2 FAQs About Chest And Shoulders 
Bottom Line

Equipment For This Workout

For this best dumbbell chest and shoulder workout, you need a workout bench that adjusts to an incline position. 

This should be readily available at your gym of fitness center. For your home gym, there are dozens of affordable options available. 

For this best dumbbell chest and shoulder workout, you need at least three sets of dumbbells. 

  • one light set of dumbbells for warm ups and exercises that require slow tempo and good form. 
  • one medium set of dumbbells for higher rep ranges
    in the 12-20 range. 
  • one heavy set of dumbbells for the 8 to 10 rep range. 

On Choosing
The Right Weight

To choose the right weight for dumbbell chest and shoulder exercises, start with a weight that allows you to complete the desired number of reps with proper form while still feeling challenged by the final few reps. 

Aim for a weight that feels heavy enough to fatigue your muscles within the target rep range, but light enough to maintain control and avoid compromising your form. 

Gradually increase the weight as you become stronger and more comfortable with the exercises. 

The Best Dumbbell
Chest And Shoulder Workout

Your Best Dumbbell Chest
And Shoulder Workout PDF

This best dumbbell chest and shoulder workout PDF is designed to be a muscle building routine. 

You’re getting a workout that will sculpt show muscles while focusing weak points of upper chest, lateral deltoids, and posterior deltoids. 

You can do this workout up to twice a week for maximum chest and shoulder volume, especially if you’re trying to bulk up in a smart way.

Allow at least two days between each chest and shoulder workout so your muscles can get enough rest. 

If you want a longer workout plan, check out my popular 5 day total body plan.

But first, take advantage of this free valuable resource to aid you on your fitness journey. This downloadable dumbbell workout PDF is appropriate for all levels of fitness! 

Breakdown Of The Chest & Shoulders 

The chest and shoulders are eye magnets when it comes pure aesthetics of muscle developments. 

The chest has two main muscles: the pectorals major and minor. 

It’s the beloved muscle group that’s the favorite of many lifters for good reason. The chest pump is incomparable and makes you feel good. 

The function of the chest is to move the arms across the body, and up and down to a certain degree.

The chest muscles enable you to push your arms, hence the pushing movements of chest exercises. 

But be warned! The chest is often overtrained, which leads to rounded, forward slouching shoulders and horrible posture.

Chest tightness can be common with those who train chest too much, and neglect the more important back muscles. 

Train back just as much (or more) than you train chest, and your body will develop in a balanced way that is strong and durable. 

Let’s move onto the shoulders. The shoulders are upper body powerhouses and are main parts of everyday movements.

They are the focal point of any chiseled physique, so focus your attention on building shoulders.

Well developed shoulders give you the 3D look and make you appear built and solid from every angle. 

The shoulders (deltoids) have 3 heads: the anterior (front ), the lateral (side), and the posterior (rear).

The shoulders also have a group of supporting muscles in the back called the rotator cuff. 

The rear and side deltoid should be emphasized more while training because the front deltoid is regularly trained in pressing movements from the chest an overhead. 

Why Workout Chest
And Shoulders Together?

best dumbbell chest and shoulder workout

Combining chest and shoulder in a workout optimizes the pushing power of your muscles and makes for a well-rounded upper body training regimen. 

In fact, strength training the chest muscles has the potential to protect the shoulder from injury. 

Not only that, but this integrated approach makes the workout more efficient by working out multiple muscle groups with one go. It’s a great option if you’re low in time or just want to challenge yourself further.

Here’s 4 reasons why the chest and shoulder combo works. 

1. Pushing The Push Muscles  

Besides the pulling motion of the rear delts, the chest and shoulders are push muscles. You can throw in triceps muscles and secondary pushers in chest movements. 

Push muscles work by pushing because you move resistance (in this case dumbbells) away from your body either horizontally or vertically. 

Combining chest and shoulders together is a classic push day breakdown, if you’re doing a push/pull/legs workout split. 

2. An Upper Body Showcase  

The chest and the shoulders are the show muscles and the first eye catching things that accentuate an individuals physique. 

But in a chest and shoulder workout, which body part should you hit first? The answer is the chest. 

The chest is the much larger muscle group and of course you need to have fresh shoulders to effectively target the chest.

If your shoulders are pre-fatigued with their own exercises, then properly pressing for chest is going to be difficult. 

Hit chest first to sculpt a lean and mean chest, then move on to building boulder shoulders.

A side note here is that the warm up for this workout will include shoulder movements because flexible and warm shoulders will help with chest pressing. 

3. Maximizing Productivity 

Training chest and shoulders together can be a huge time saver. You won’t have to spend an extra day training them separately.

It makes sense because pressing motions work the anterior deltoids, so simultaneously hitting chest and shoulders is a smart choice. 

4. Using Dumbbells for Everything

Being short on time at home or at the gym can make it hard to jump around on equipment. But with dumbbells and an incline bench, you can us those two things to maximize your training. 

No more waiting for machines or the barbell bench press. You can find a bench, choose your set of dumbbells, and get to work. 

It’s the ultimate efficiency by combining chest and shoulders and using minimum equipment. 

Why Training With Dumbbells Works

Dumbbell exercises for your chest and shoulder have better range of motion, and balance and stability involvement compared to machines and barbells. They are easily accessible to have a great workout at home to at the gym . 

Here’s 4 reasons why training with dumbbells is a good idea.

  • Increased Range Of Motion. Dumbbell exercises have extended range of motion that enables you to achieve a deeper stretch and contraction in the chest and shoulder muscles. 
  • Improved Balance & Stability. Dumbbells exercises for chest and shoulders have each arm working independently.

    This addresses muscle imbalances in the weaker limb and also forces you to keep both sides steady when you lift.  
  • Muscle Isolation. Dumbbell exercises for chest and shoulders let you isolate specific muscle groups more effectively. Unilateral movements, like lateral raises, help you focus on each side of the body individually.  
  • Versatility and Accessibility. Dumbbells are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used in a wide variety of exercises targeting the chest and shoulders.

    Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive compared to machines, and allow you to progressively overload but increasing the weight over time. 

2 FAQs About
Chest And Shoulders

Is It Ok To Train
Chest And Shoulders Together? 

Yes, it’s ok to train chest and shoulder together since they are both mostly pushing muscles. There is the posterior deltoid which is a pulling muscle. 

It can be beneficial to train them together because you’ll get an amazing upper body pump and save time by combining two major muscle groups. 

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Should I Do Chest Or Shoulders First? 

Do the chest first and then the shoulders. Like the name says, “chest and shoulder” workout. 

The chest has large muscles that need fresh shoulders in order to movements. 

You do not want to start a chest session with sore or fatigued shoulders. That can increase that risk of injury and also make the chest exercises less impactful. 

Bottom Line 

This is the best dumbbell chest and shoulder workout to build strength, gain muscle, and work towards upper body aesthetics. 

From classic presses and raises, the exercises outlined in this workout can challenge and stimulate your muscles. 

Remember to prioritize proper form and technique to prevent injury and maximize results. Grab your dumbbells and lift your way to a more sculpted chest and shoulders. Your body will thank you! 

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