Welcome! Workout Great delivers the latest in workout routines, health, and fitness all backed by real science. 

I’m here to express that fitness is more than what it seems on the surface. 

It goes beyond the gym, weights, sports, and even weight loss. 

At its core, fitness is about becoming a stronger, healthier person inside and out.

Exercise shouldn’t be a complicated jumble of information.
My aim is to make fitness easier to understand and help you to workout great! 

My Fitness Story 

I’m Shalom Khokhar, a certified personal trainer
excited to inspire you to make exercise a lifestyle choice.

I made the decision 9 years ago to get into fitness and let me tell you, 
it’s been a journey worth taking. 

Exercise empowered me to become a healthier version of myself,
and to gain the self esteem I desperately needed. 

That’s because in high school and college I had a hard time breaking out of my shell. 
I was skinny, timid, and felt like a poser.

I depended on fashion and hairstyles (back when I had hair), to define my identity. 

My true self was still in hiding, waiting to be discovered…
I needed something to quiet the inner voice that told me I wasn’t enough. 

That I was weak and incapable of succeeding, or being a man. 
That all started to change when I began pushing the weights….and pushing myself. 

I learned that I could push through the obstacles in my life and move them.
It was a poetic life lesson through weight lifting that helped me tune into my inner self. 

My body changed slowly but surely.
My confidence soared and I knew things were possible if I applied myself and trusted the process. 

To start your own journey, check out my workouts, exercises, or supplements page.

My Expertise

I’m a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

I have the knowledge and experience to design and implement exercise programs.

I’ve been weight lifting for 9 years, and have made my fair share of lifting mistakes (and injuries).
So from experience, I know what can work and what doesn’t. 

I have a love and appreciation for the human body.
I’m amazed by its complexity and its resilience to bounce back from all the crap we put it through. 

I had a previous dream of becoming a doctor, but that didn’t pan out.
But I did earn a post-baccalaureate Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science from Dominican University in Illinois.

In college I took courses in psychology, biology, biochemistry, human anatomy, and physiology.
I learned to read and understand science journals and research articles.

That’s why I can confidently interpret studies and provide readers
with accurate information about muscles and exercises. 

Besides my admiration for the human body, I also found a knack for writing. 

My experience in doing an internship for a non profit translated into a love of writing and journalism.
I also a had a few stints of public speaking that translated into a desire to be a good story teller. 

All of these interests combined, and I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing and Rhetoric Studies from the University of Utah.

To hold true to my writing background, I guarantee is that the content written on this site is backed by research and science with the aim to be accurate, repeatable, and attainable.

Medical Disclaimer:  The content on Workout Great is informative and should not be taken as medical advice.  The opinions on this site are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. When you start a new diet, supplement, or workout routine, please consult a medical professional. 

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